Story of a Night Pianist

Collaborative Performance Deviser / Assistant to Director / Performer


Story of a Night Pianist (SONP) is a site-specific interdisciplinary promenade performance, which was first performed in May 2012 in the fascinating historical Orchard Place,Trinity Buoy Wharf', the home of London’s only lighthouse. Supported by the Arts Council of England it was created for 'Big Dance 2012' and includes the local community.

It is a collaboratively devised piece, capable of being adapted to other suitable places utilising their particular architectural features. Location, live music, costumes and movement all contribute to an atmospheric narrative piece.

Story of a night Pianist has been performed at

Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

The Bloomsbury Festival, London

The Space, London

Aarau, Switzerland (see Die Geschichte eines Nachtpianisten) 

Urban Move Festival Manchester


Original London Credits

Direction & Choreography Anna Buonomo 

Composition & Music Lorenzo Turchi-Floris

Costumes Woo Mills

Make Up Kay Sayer

Direction & Choreography assistance Irène Wernli


Mayah Kadish (Violine)

Lorezo Turchi-Floris (Piano)


Aurelie Pole, Carly Blackburn, David Gellura, Irène Wernli, Naomi Hibberd, Sacha Lee Flanagan, Soledad De La Hoz and participants from the community as well as students of the University of East London.






Story of a Night Pianist is a psychological thriller about a lonely pianist visited by a strange presence in the night. It comes in the night and whispers to him note by note the melody it wants written. 

'It's been over a month now. It comes in the night and whispers to me note by note.. It has a long wound on its face and its uneasiness suggests it left a painful unfinished business in its past life.. I feel like I'm not living my nights anymore'. (Lorenzo Turchi-Floris) 


Commissioned by

Big Dance 2012 (May 2012)

Trinity Buoy Wharf's Urban Management (September 2012)

Funded by

Arts Council of England